Things I always do to Flight Simulator X

Posted on 03/04/2016 by Nick Harding

Everyone has their favourite FSX Tweaks some work, some don’t. Often something that works for one, doesn’t work for another. After all, every system is different.

However, there are some things I always do no matter what the spec of the system in order to get the best out of power hungry Flight Simulator X add-ons.

1. Installation.

Never, Ever, Ever! install Microsoft Flight Simulator X in its default location. Why? Basically, Windows controls what goes in in the Program Files & Program Files (x86) locations and you want to be able to control what goes on in the FSX Folder. I always install it on a second driver or its own folder i.e. C:\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator X

2. Immediate Tweaks

After installing there are a few tweaks to the FSX.cfg that I do as a matter of course. They are:

3. The 4GB Patch

Everybody has heard it, FSX is 32bit so therefore it can only use 2GB of Virtual Address Space (VAS Memory) – FALSE! If you are using a 64bit OS (and who isn’t these days?) then you will benefit greatly from the 4GB Patch by NTCore. Basically it allows you to patch the headers of the FSX.EXE (or any EXE) to instruct the program to use double the basic VAS allocation i.e. 4GB.
Download from NTCore

4. Affinity Mask

This one is a must if your using complex add-ons especially weather. An affinity mask basically tells the OS what cores a program can use. i.e in a Quad Core processor, you want FSX to use 3 cores leaving Core 1 (or 0 technically) to be used by external factors like addons.

This can be done by instructing the OS from FSX.cfg in the following way:


AffinityMask=14 (14 is the ideal number for a Quad Core)

You can work out your ideal affinity mask here

5. Limit the Frames

This is the only one in my list that may not help everyone (although I think it’s the best option). To increase smoothness in Flight Simulator X I find it best to limit frames externally.

Personally I use nVidia Inspector. In FSX I have frame rates set to 0 (unlimited) and then limited by nVidia Inspector to 30fps. This provides a smooth and fast loading FSX in my opinion.

If you don’t use an nVidia card then you can use FPS_Limiter 0.2

6 Read the internet

After steps 1-5 then you are in the realm of might work, might not so you need to read the internet and forums such as Avsim or and do trial and error tweaks to see what’s best for you.

Everyone has an opinion and trust me, where tweaks are concerned, there are plenty! These steps are just my opinion and work for me. I don’t provide any warranty for any of the steps carried out and if you don’t feel comfortable doing something then don’t do it.

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