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Posted on 15/11/2015 by Nick Harding

Quality Wings 787 Collection

The Quality Wings 787 collection is possibly one of the most anticipated products in the history of Flight Sim! Having been in development for what seems like an eternity things seem to be gearing up at QW HQ and rumours are surfacing that it will finally be available in 2016, possibly by mid-2016.

The release is so in-demand possibly because there is no other usable option available for a full package 787 unlike other aircraft such as the 737 where you have PMDG or iFly options, or the Airbus where Aerosoft, Wilco and Black Box Simulations are in the party. Yes there arre 787's out there but thats why i said "usable". The Aerosim 787 is juist simply awful and reminds of the rubbish put out by the Perfect Flight bunch and the TDS 787 is beautiful, but has no panel or systems modelling.

So why are we so excited about the 787 from Quality Wings? Well, they have form. There 757 was simply stunning and although not the most complex of panels and systems it was a good balance between heavy systems users and those who want to jump in and fly. Their BAe 146 was even better!

Quality Wings is promising us the following features.

On the exterior:

and on the flightdeck:

Based on the images QW have been teasing us with on their web site is could look every bit as good as the TDS offering, which for modelling is a very high benchmark!

TFDi Design Boeing 717-200

Lets face it, we havent had a decent flying pencil since the Leonardo Maddog which is pretty old now (but sill amazing fun to fly!) as the MD went out of production after Boeing bought the Long Beach, California plane makers. The MD series become Boeings 717 and it sees service everyday for airlines such as Delta.

Its been largely ignored by the FS community despite the MD range having a loyal following which is why we are more than a little bit excited by the in-development project from TFDi.

We are promised:

Along with a high quality sound pack and realistic flight performance as close to the real 717 as possible in FSX.

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