FSPS Fiber could save FSX!

Posted on 27/09/2014 by Flight Sim UK

I will be the first to admit that I am a little bit skeptical when I hear about magic cures and tweaks for FSX so you can imagine my face when a message stating “FSX is Alive, like never before” and “Because FSPS just re-invented FSX graphics engine”

Well, ever curious also i noticed there was a demo/trial availble for the erm, skeptical, so I thought, well give it a go, nothing to lose. Well…. Previously With UK2000 EGPH, Orbx Scotland and Aerosoft Airbus X i got around 15-20FPS with medium to high settings with the standard system (highmemfix applied!). With this little piece of software running it jumped to between 30-40. Hmmm, ok lets try a few more places I know have bad FPS…. hmmmm Everywhere had a significant increase in FPS and Smoothness which I have to say, took me back.

I am impressed, which doesnt happen easily where FSX is concerned. So what is this FSX life preserver? Fiber Accelerator by FSPS. More Info http://secure.simmarket.com/fsps-fsx-fiber-accelerator.phtml

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