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UPDATE 14/12/19


Now with the website completely moved to its new home, our email adresses will aslo change to a .CO.UK ending.


Pease be advised that we will shortly start with the removal of older airlines to make room for the new.  (only airlines that...

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With the re-launch of Qantas well underway and several airlines ceasing operations,

It's that time again where we ask for your ideas on who should replace them.

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Regrettably, Thomas Cook has stopped trading.


We at VAUK will continue to operate TCX flights until further notice.


Our thoughts are with the crews and staff with Thomas Cook who worked tirelessly to provide a fantastic service for over 170 years of travel.

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Discord Channel

Fancy talking to like minded VAUK pilots?


Then why not join our new Discord channel.


Use this to talk with other pilots or admin staff and help mould your airline, Or just meet new people. Its up...

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We still have outstanding rolls in management


Why not apply, We only ask for a few hours a week. Read in full

Pilot roster and moving forward


We have alot of pilots who have not yet flown flights or have not logged in for some time.

As some of you...

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Qantas is back

Qantas is back and growing.


Qantas has been re-added and is slowly gowing into a large carrier with us on VAUK.

It will take some time to get all flights and routes up in the air however Im sure it will...

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